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Santa Fe , New Mexican by Soledad Santiago

Santa Fean Glenys Carl is a joyful grandmother and loving hospice. In 2003 she won the Spirit of the Community prize. If you read her book Hold My Hand: A Mother's Journey (Sidgwick & Jackson, 2005), you will understand the origins of her spiritual depth. With unsparing candor, she describes accompanying her son Scott to his death even as she crossed continents to try to save him.

Volunteering England

 I was deeply touched by what I read and couldn't agree more that this is a classic book on volunteering and quite an extraordinary one too. "Hold My Hand" is beautifully written and "unputdownable" - a real page-turner. I nearly missed several train stations as I read it on the way to work! I would recommend it to anyone involved in volunteering, or more specifically in the hospice and palliative care.

Headway UK

What this book does really well is highlight the gaps in the system wherever you are in the world. She stresses the importance of continuing the work started in hospital and rehabilitation units and how family, friends and complete strangers can be involved in providing that care very successfully. It also shows that quality of life is more than a doctor sanding as the end of the bed saying: He is in pain, he will never move unaided again go back to your life and leave him here.

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The Most Touching Story I've ever read , by Christopher Murphy UK

What a testament to the power of pure love and devotion! I was moved to tears every few pages and it amazed me, how this tiny person achieved so much through the purity of her intention, her humility and yet enormous gathersome quality. It is a tragedy written without self-pity and is a whole life lesson in itself. A glorious achievement, thank you Glenys Carl!

Hold My Hand by Joan B. Glover Santa Fe , NM


I cried! I laughed! - and was in awe of this amazing story. No works of Fiction can rival this unbelievable True Story which captures the human spirit. We see the ability of
people to come together in times of need and give unconditionally with no limits or boundaries. Acting through love and compassion only, all obstacles can be conquered and miracles do happen.

We are all fortunate to learn from a story like this, and by the strength and courage of these individuals and the many lives they touched.

I am telling everyone to buy this book and read this magnificent story. This is an inspiration for all!

The Power of Love by Jane Dubuisson Beausoleil , France

Well worth reading - This true, moving and often hilarious account of how a single mother, untrained as a nurse, through unswerving love, devotion and original ideas, helped bring her son back from near death, following a tragic accident. Even though Scott was severely damaged physically, his courage along with that of his indomitable and sometimes eccentric mother made the rest of his life on this earth enjoyable and rewarding for him, their small family and also for all those who volunteered to help in whatever way they could. The book demonstrates a credit to humanity.

In dark times when sometimes it seems that life moves too fast for compassion towards our fellow men, this story reveals how the simplest deeds can make all the difference.

Highly recommended to young and old, male and female alike, both in and out of the medical profession.

Inspiring and Heartfelt , London

This is a great book, I can highly recommend it. This is a true story that really touches your heart, you will be in tears but you won't be able to put this book down.

H old my Hand by Glenys Carl , by Pamela Jones, Isle of Wight


What an extraordinary story of love, compassion and integrity, I sat next to this lovely lady a few weeks ago on a flight from Nice, before she even spoke to me I knew she was a special person, she had an aura about her, I wanted to know her better, we talked about so many things, and eventually she mentioned her book, I was desparate for a copy I read it in 2 days, nothing else was done at home until I finished it. It was a book that made you glad to be a human being, just to be able to experience all the emotions that you feel by reading it!!! I think this book should be part of the curriculum it may shape of the generations to come into better people!!! Well Done Glennie for telling your brave and love filled story. Pam XXX

A wonderful person , by Kathy Williams, Wales


This is a heart wrenching true story. I cried through the sad parts, laughed with the humorous parts, and I admired a truly amazing woman (Glenys Carl).

Scots death was devastating - but it was because of Scots death that Glenys has helped so many people. She became a hospice nurse and has been voted 'Spirit of the Community' of Santa Fe . I recommend that when you read this wonderful book you also buy a box of handkerchiefs.

I was lucky enough to become friends with Glenys five years ago, she fills me with inspiration and is always so positive and encouraging, a really wonderful person.

Kathy Williams, a weaver from Wales .


Tuggin on my heart strings , July 6, 2005


Reviewer: Lisa Law from New Mexico

I know Glenys from meeting her in Santa Fe , New Mexico and I knew she was off to Europe to promote her book so when she came back I grabbed her copy and read it in one weekend, forgetting everything else I had to do. I was amazed at how she could remember such details of the people she met who volunteered to help her care for son Scott after his horrible fall of 20 feet and his ensuing coma for three months.. It pulled on my heart strings to read of all the people who dedicated their time to help her. What love and dedication she had for him. It is a real example of a mother's love and validated my own feelings that I have for my four children, that I would do anything for them if they needed my help. Glenys is a good writer. I suggest this book for all readers of all ages.

Hold my Hand: A Mother's Journey , June 22, 2005


Reviewer: kathie488 from Blanes, Girona Spain

This is a wonderful story of courage against all odds and a mother's determination to restore her son's ability to live a fulfilling and happy life no matter what obstacles are placed in the path. I read this book in one day as I was unable, and unwilling, to put it down. When I first opened the book I was disappointed that there were no photo pages, but as I continued to read the story the descriptions of the volunteers, family and friends who passed through Glenys & Scott's life were so vivid that photos were not really necessary. The small photos on the outside and inside the cover of Glenys Carl and Scott were sufficient. Glenys Carl is certainly a remarkable woman.

Oh my gosh, I cry, laugh, am frustrated, anxious, tired, renewed. But mostly, I am so thankful to you for living your life and sharing it with everyone who chooses. I am grateful for your human spirit that is just so huge.

Eileen Joyce

"Dear Glenys, this is a " fan " letter.  I was so enthralled and touched by Hold My Hand.  It is a wonderful piece of writing and a sad but uplifting story of Scott's life and death.  It took me a few weeks to start it after we returned from Santa Fe, but once I did I could not put it down.  I have already lent it to a friend, a hospice R.N. I do hope it will be available soon in the U.S. Thank you for your generous gesture of signing me a copy that day we met.  I wish you all the best in 2006.  Sincerely, Louise Fairbank (Hospice, Vermont)"