About Glenys

As you know if you read Hold my Hand, I grew up in Wales, learned remedies from my grandmother who also taught me about nature, to weave, knit and play. I became a hospice nurse through my work with Scott. As Soledad Santiago of the Santa Fe New Mexican Pasatiempo wrote “this is my spiritual journey”.

My friends all know me as I am. I live in a small cottage off Garcia Street in Santa Fe , New Mexico . I have a boy friend. My Son Samuel and granddaughter Meghan aged 14 live right around the corner from me. My other son Jonathan, his wife Ulla, my granddaughter Louise, 14 and grand son Oscar Scott 9, live in Greenland . Jonathan is a marine biologist doing research there. I visited them this past summer and was in awe of Greenland . It is so pristine.

I have been a hospice nurse caring for AIDS and cancer patients for thirteen years in Santa Fe with a break from 1997-1998 when I worked with Afghani orphans who had lived under the Taliban regime. I am still in touch with them and see them often.

My other love is designing clothing. I also weave scarves and other items.

I am lucky. I have many, many friends. I love to dance. In Santa Fe we have Embodydance that meets twice a week down at the Railyard. Maybe sixty to seventy of us. It's a free form type of dance similar to the rhythms of Gabriel Roth. If you come to town I'll take you there.

I've known my friend Nick Evans for years. He always encouraged me to write Scott's story. Actually I thought one day he would, or write a script for a movie. But that was not to be, he is on his own wonderful journey where his books are in great demand. In the end I wrote it, with help, for you and me, and for every mother and father who have lost a child, because I know your pain. And of course for Scott and the great love that we all enjoy. A big part of this story was to have it for my grandchildren to read when they grew up. Thank you.

I love you.