About Hold My Hand

The hardback edition was released 6/3/05 in the UK and is scheduled for paperback release 2/17/06 . Readers Digest in a twenty-two page article featured Hold My Hand in the British edition in July, 2005. It was reviewed in You Magazine for the Mail on Sunday, two pages with photography and a page each in two Irish papers and the Welsh Mail. Glenys spoke on BBC Radio and appeared on BBC and ITV in Ireland .

The paperback version is also being released in Australia 2/17/06 . Hold My Hand is one of four condensed books for Encounters a division of Reader's Digest in a hardback edition scheduled for release in Australia in February, 2006. At the same time Readers Digest will again feature the story in their Australian version.

Dutch, Italian and Chinese versions of Hold My Hand are planned for release Holland and Italy also featured it in their version of Readers Digest.

Four British organizations have or are reviewing Hold My Hand in their newsletter and recommending it as reading to their organization: Headway UK , Volunteering England , National Council for Palliative Care UK and the Princess Royal Trust for Carers.

Excerpt from Volunteering
England Newsletter

 I was deeply touched by what I read and couldn't agree more that this is a classic book on volunteering and quite an extraordinary one too. "Hold My Hand" is beautifully written and "unputdownable" - a real page-turner. I nearly missed several train stations as I read it on the way to work! I would recommend it to anyone involved in volunteering, or more specifically in the hospice and palliative care.

Excerpt from Headway UK Newsletter

What this book does really well is highlight the gaps in the system wherever you are in the world. She stresses the importance of continuing the work started in hospital and rehabilitation units and how family, friends and complete strangers can be involved in providing that care very successfully. It also shows that quality of life is more than a doctor sanding as the end of the bed saying: “He is in pain, he will never move unaided again – go back to your life and leave him here.”

Dean Zanuck of Los Angeles , California has optioned the story to be made into a film.


Hold My Hand has been recommended by Southwestern College in America for study in counseling. It has been recommended reading in a high school in Santa Fe , New Mexico

Synopsis as Written on Amazon.co.uk

Glenys Carl's life changed for ever with one phone call saying that her son Scott, who was halfway round the world in Australia , had suffered a traumatic head injury and was not expected to live. It was the start of a remarkable journey for Glenys - and for Scott, who survived with his personality intact but could only move one arm. In this inspirational book Glenys describes her fight to rehabilitate Scott after the doctors advised that no more could be done to help his mobility and he should be put in a home. Glenys was determined she would look after Scott herself and teach him to walk again. Alone in Sydney , she put leaflets out asking for help. Complete strangers turned up at her door, a flood of volunteers, all giving their time to Scott, inspired by his unquenchable spirit. When they moved to London the same thing happened as volunteers helped with Scott's therapy until he was able to take his first difficult steps. Along the way Glenys learned to trust her instincts as a mother, to treasure each moment with her son and to accept her situation without bitterness, even when tragedy struck again. Scott's courage and his mother's determination to give him the best possible life imbue with book with a powerful message of hope.